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When we make the difficult decision to entrust a loved one to the care of a nursing home, we do so thinking that they will be able provide a higher level of quality care than we can at home. Unfortunately, what we see in brochures is not always what happens behind the closed doors of a nursing home. All too often nursing home patients, scared and powerless to fight back on their own, are subjected to tragic abuse and neglect while their families carry on unaware.

Discovering that your loved one is suffering abuse or neglect within a nursing home is an unspeakably terrible betrayal, and somebody must be held responsible. If someone you love was abused or neglected at a nursing home or assisted living facility, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for your damages and losses. To see if your case qualifies, talk to an experienced Wichita injury attorney as soon as possible.

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Our Wichita injury attorneys have years of experience representing clients throughout Wichita and surrounding counties in personal injury cases of all types, including nursing home injuries caused by:

Our attorneys are caring and compassionate, yet aggressive when it comes to obtaining justice for our clients. We fight hard to obtain the maximum financial compensation possible, allowing clients the funds to cover medical bills, quality ongoing care, physical therapy, and pain and suffering for the trauma of their experience. For more information, contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Wichita nursing home injury attorney today.